Supercharge Saturday #1: Body Language and Book Therapy Edition

Posted by JMV Tombado on Sat, Feb 3, 2018 8:00 AM. Filed under: Blog  

You made it through a grueling work week stuck in traffic and barely meeting deadlines that's why you feel like you deserve to spend the entire weekend glued to your couch. Hey, it's 2018! It's the year you've envisioned to be the turning point of your career. Don't waste your precious free time just lazing around! Use it to learn valuable skills from various industry experts. 

To get you started on the right path, we're bringing you Supercharge Saturdays! Every weekend, we serve you the freshest links to great content on becoming an expert communicator and leveraging on your language skills to get ahead in your career. 

Here are all the articles and videos we loved this week. Scroll down, feed your mind, and make Supercharge Saturday a weekly habit! 


A body language expert breaks down the differences between former US President Barack Obama and Prince Harry. Can you guess who is the more dominant communicator between them? 


We use the indicative mood (expressing statements of fact as in "She speaks three languages." and "We will buy a new car next year.") in everyday life. The interrogative mood (used to ask questions as in "Is he wearing a red sweater?" and "When did they arrive?") is also a piece of cake. 

How about the subjunctive mood? If you can't remember this from your high school English classes, you better read the article linked above. Apparently, those who use this grammatical mood are deemed smarter than their peers! 

This Is the Only Letter in the English Language That Is Never Silent

The English lexicon is filled with words that have silent letters. "Psychology", "knee", "listen", the list goes on! But while almost all letters of the English alphabet are rendered silent from time to time, there is one letter that is always pronounced when it appears in a word. Can you take a guess? 


The 11 Books I Read When I Need A Little Break From The Daily Grind

 In our quest to become better communicators this year, we vowed to incorporate reading into our daily lives. Instead of thinking of reading as a chore, think of it as an escape or a mini vacation from your day-to-day existence. Writer Melissa Ragsdale lists down her recommended reads for when you're feeling stressed or uninspired by reality.

Close to Burning Out? This Reading List Is the Cure 

Employee burnout is something most professionals face. Trust us, you're not alone in this one. If employee wellness programs are not doing it for you, or if therapy is beyond your budget, maybe these books can help you overcome burnout.


8 Simple Ways to Become a More Impressive Public Speaker 

Most of us balk at the thought of giving a speech in front of an audience. In this article, seasoned TV anchor and Entrepreneur Betty Liu gives eight simple public speaking tips that you can try for your next presentation.

When Public Speaking Panic Sets In, How To Be As Bold As Richard Branson

If you're in need of even more public speaking inspiration, look no further. Here's a compilation of advice from people who have successfully conquered their public speaking phobia. The list includes daredevil entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and TEDx speaker Helen Packham so you know you're in good hands. 

We hope you find these links helpful in your quest to become a better communicator in 2018. Let's make your weekends more productive! See you next Saturday!