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Give the meaning of the underlined words based on how they are used in the sentence. Click on the correct answer.

Fill in the gaps using the words in the box.


 I need to give the interviewer a reference from my last boss.


Click the play button to listen to the audio. Answer the questions by clicking on the correct choice for each number.

Wei Pan talks about her experience teaching students from two different schools.


Read the article “Using Social Media” and answer the questions by clicking on the correct choice.

How social networking can benefit your company?

   Some companies have been slow to recognize the benefits of social media in business. Some even look down on social media, and doubt that it has any serious purpose or value. But ignore social media at your peril, because you can be sure your competitors are using it. And if you don’t keep up with the competition, you’ll never corner the market.

   Using social media platforms can increase awareness of your company. Your brand becomes more familiar and more recognizable. If customers feel that they are keeping up with all your news and developments, they feel like they have a relationship with the company. As a result, they become more loyal, and loyal customers make repeat purchases.

Read the job advertisements and answer the questions.

Living in the Digital World

How to cope with today’s digital lifestyle

   These days, digital natives (people who have been brought up using technology) have many digital devices that they use every day. But the digital native who would rather talk than text is becoming more common.

   Some elderly people still don’t have any digital devices. But increasingly, older users are embracing the latest forms of communication, because they love keeping in contact with their family via social media apps.

   Not everyone has the most up-to-date version of devices, but smartphones are very popular, and are replacing more traditional gadgets. Many people no longer have a camera, for example, because they can take photos with a smartphone.

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