Improve your communication skills for as low as Php888!

Posted by JMV Tombado on Tue, Mar 27, 2018 6:00 PM. Filed under: Promos  

No more excuses! If you've always wanted to work on your communication skills but think that you don't have enough free time or money, then we've got some good news for you!

Introducing the Elite Language Gym Access Pass! It's a gym where you flex your mental and social muscles! With this Language Gym Access Pass, you can attend any five sessions that match your interests and schedule. 

Here's a quick guide on how to enjoy the benefits of the Elite Language Gym Access Pass:

1. Purchase your Elite Language Gym Access Pass for only Php4,440.00


You may pay in cash at the Global Elite training center, or deposit the learning fee to our bank account (Global Elite Lingua Franca Inc. - Bank of the Philippine Islands, Acct. No, 1901-0011-69). 

2. Choose a class that fits your schedule. 

Classes covered by the Elite Language Gym Access Pass start as early as 8AM. There are also classes during lunch break and after office hours, to accommodate busy professionals who still want to work on their communication skills. 

Simply find a class that fits your schedule and notify our programs coordinator to reserve your slot. 

3. Complete five classes to get one bonus class!

Each time you attend a group class, your instructor will sign one of the boxes at the back of your Elite Language Gym Access Pass. Once you complete five group classes, you get one free bonus class! Six group classes for Php4,440 = only Php880 per class! 

Now, that's a smart investment! 

This summer, don't just work on getting a beach body. Work on your communication skills, too! See you at our Language Gym!